Political dynasty outline

Voluntary renunciation of the office for any length of time shall not be considered as an interruption in the continuity of service for the full term for which the elective official concerned was elected.

Tang Dynasty

However, such attempt usually miscarry and end in failure, as proven by the defeat of the Anti-Dynasty Bill in Philippine Congress on February 2, How does a political dynasty affect the local government.

For political dynasties to be reduced; the members of these dynasties themselves must realize that what they are doing might affect them in the future and will suffer because of distrust of people to the government that may lead to rebellion. Those skills must be useful for the greater developments of the nation.

Marcos family members also held several governmental positions during this period and were involved in the misuse of public funds. Meaning, they should provide a clear definition of what will fall under this category of political dynasty and implement the law Those strategies can be benefitial or sometimes, a threat to other candidates and parties that will lead to black propagandas to each other.

The capacity of independent candidates to garner votes is significantly reduced. He was imprisoned and was sentenced to death but was pardoned and exiled to the US by President Ferdinand Marcos for his recovery after suffering from heart attack.

Political dynasties in the Philippines

That is mostly what are happening today, candidates from showbiz top the list of winners because of their exposure on television, for example: Political dynasties exist even though they are unconstitutional. These independent candidates who also want to serve their local compatriots are not given the opportunity, because they cannot claim a position because of these political dynasties.

Even in showbiz, people there are running for their chosen positions in the political world. Aside from the initial support from friends during campaign period, relatives are supportive when it comes to releasing of advertisements in televisions, pamphlets, flyers and etcetera.

Political Dynasty Essay

How does this affect the independent candidates in running for local elections. As a result, socioeconomic outcomes are affected by the rampant political dynasties.

Everybody should have the equal opportunity to have a chance in having a position in the government, so that other members of the community, especially the people more capable, can have a chance in serving the people. Do political dynasties strengthen or weaken the democratic form of government.

Notable Philippine political dynasties[ edit ] Ampatuan[ edit ] The Ampatuan family has exercised political crowd control over the Maguindanao region sincewith several of its members holding positions in government.

By this, it can lead to graft and corruption. Almost all citizens know that political dynasties are lurking in the government but still, they continue to support them even though political dynasties are unconstitutional.

Obviously, the dominant ones are the people who are enjoying seats in the government. The government must find a way to stop these before families completely dominate Philippine politics. Santos Eddie Rae A. Even at this moment, political dynasty is a trending topic in television, internet and other media.

After his death, his wife, Corazon Aquinobecame more active in politics. In addition to that, there are some biased activities within the government by the existence of the political dynasties.

Political dynasties in the Philippines

Estrada[ edit ] The Estrada political dynasty began with Joseph "Erap" Ejercito Estradawho began as a successful film actor. Those strategies can be benefitial or sometimes, a threat to other candidates and parties that will lead to black propagandas to each other.

" The trend of political dynasty must be immediately stopped to restore the authentic ideals of democracy and to bring back the people’s trust in the political system and governance and to cease the perpetual suffering of the people under the exploitative schemes and systems.

Political dynasties should be banned in certain branches of the government to enhance equal access to political opportunities and to widen the base for the selection of government officials. "It is defined as succession of.

Political dynasties have long been a feature of the Philippine political douglasishere.com are typically characterized as families that have established their political or economic dominance in a province and have coordinated efforts to move on to involvement in national government or other positions of national political prominence.

HB - Anti-Political Dynasty Act of Electoral Politics in the Philippines. Working Outline Introduction Background Information 1. Argumentative Essay Political Dynasties.

Uploaded by. Raquel Sagun Dela Cruz. Political Dynasty in the Philippines.5/5(2). Political dynasty is a continuous governance of members of the same clan. According to Querubin (), it is also a form of elite persistence. Political dynasties must be forbidded in order to stop the rampant political and peculiar self-interests.

C34 – Persuasive Speech Outline A. Background Information Political dynasty has been a prevalent issue in the Philippines where the first political dynasty was believed to be recorded during the pre-Magellanic period (CABIGAO, ).

Political dynasty is defined as “the concentration, consolidation or perpetuation of.

Political dynasty outline
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