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It is difficult to produce text; lots of version I have written — it is a hard process. According to Goffman, the social actor in many areas of life will take on an already established role, with pre-existing front and props as well as the costume he would wear in front of a specific audience.

To double check when you are scheduled to give your presentation, you can see the date according to class period at the following links: The question is whether and how we can stop this technology. Another translation, which also builds on the leading theatrical theme, rather than the original title, is the Swedish title of the book Jaget och Maskerna which literally translates The self and the masks - A study of everyday-life drama.

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In a time where technologies are becoming smaller, their impact is becoming bigger and their production is faster, the question is; where are we.

Limit the presentation to less than 5 minutes.

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In social interaction, as in theatrical performance, there is a front region where the performers individuals are on stage in front of the audiences. At the same time, the person the individual is interacting with is trying to form and obtain information about the individual.

Introduction We are treated with a visual intro of the book by Rob van Kranenburg. As book culture increased in the Late Middle Ages, authors still relied on gifts from patrons to reward their efforts, and it is in this context that the dedication miniature revived.

Turn your book cover design into a hovering 3D book scene. Topic covers hovering around the book, describing different topics, zoom in and add your own content.

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Instead of binary privacy, you have privacies. Wagner called The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life "by far" Goffman's best book and "a still unsurpassed study of the management of impressions in face-to-face encounters, a form of not uncommon manipulation.

Within the pubic debate, we want to remain researching this collective ambivalence. Easily adjust the titles of the topics and add more slides into any topic. The second one is that competition is the motor for free markets …Competition is not the motor for capitalism due to ….

Great template for use in educational presentations, literature, introducing a famous author or book series. Video Presentation Preview Description You guessed it.

The goal is not to describe but shape it the internet in this case. This led to Goffman's dramaturgical analysis.


Movie Poster Pretend the book is going to be made into a movie and create a poster to promote the movie.

You may stand or sit as you prefer.

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