Abortion affects women in a negative

All of the respondents reported that they had experienced multiple barriers while seeking care. The great effects that abortion has is leaving its mark in society with great depth.

If no author information is provided, the source is cited instead. American Psychologist, 64 9— We estimated the rates of first-time psychiatric contact an inpatient admission or outpatient visit for any type of mental disorder within the 12 months after the abortion or childbirth as compared with the 9-month period preceding the event.

Physical Health Effects

Western Report29 In the past there has been debate as to the mere existence of Post-Abortion-Stress disorder, this paper will dispel that confusion. But when it is done at 4 months of pregnancy, the baby inside could be hurt badly. Aborting women under 30 years of age exhibited higher overall and diagnosis specific psychiatric hospital admission rates than women of this age in general.

There have been debates about the linkages between abortion and mental health. Soon after conception occurs, estrogen levels surge, causing breast cells to multiply profusely.

Analysis of recent reviews Coleman, ; National Collaborating Centre for Mental Health, identified eight publications reporting 14 adjusted odds ratios AORs spanning five outcome domains: Baseline interviews assessed sociodemographic characteristics and pregnancy and abortion circumstances; all interviews asked about emotions.

We examined the relationship between level of conduct disorder symptoms at age 15 and subsequent pregnancy, child-birth and abortion. In Canadian study by Dr. Women experienced decreasing emotional intensity over time, and the overwhelming majority of women felt that termination was the right decision for them over three years.

Can Med Assoc J. This paper will also examine this mystery of Post Abortion Syndrome and outline the symptoms, causes, criteria and treatments, for the disorder itself.

How to cope with depression after abortion

In these types of pregnancies the baby grows in the fallopian tubes, causing serious risk to the mother, and an almost certain death to the baby.

Examining the association of antidepressant prescriptions with first abortion and first childbirth [Abstract]. Significant differences by major diagnostic categories were found for adjustment reactions odds ratio [OR] 2.

Such cases include a seventeen-year-old girl who developed lethargy, malaise, and vomiting. After an abortion, the woman may experience light bleeding for one week.

Red and heavy bleeding is a sign of trouble and should be followed up with the person who performed the abortion.

Abortion not harmful to women’s mental health, study shows

Hogue10 2. At a meeting of anti-abortion leaders, President Ronald Reagan called for his surgeon general, C. Everett Koop, to prepare a report on the medical and psychological effects of abortion on women.

Summary of Known Health-Risks of Abortion

Abortion affects everyone, and I hear from and meet grandparents, siblings, aunts and uncles, mothers and fathers who have experienced abortion and its’ long-lasting effects, day in. The few published studies that examined women’s responses following an induced abortion due to fetal abnormality suggest that terminating a wanted pregnancy late in pregnancy due to fetal abnormality appears to be associated with negative psychological reactions equivalent to those experienced by women who miscarry a wanted pregnancy or who.

abortion has negative effects on women’s mental health (Bazelon, ; Cohen, ; Lee, ).

Barriers to Abortion Care May Have Cumulative Negative Effects

This critical abortion and mental health is framed in terms of preva-lence, as in What is the prevalence of clinically significant mental disorders among women who have had an abor. A woman's decision to have an abortion affects both lives profoundly, and research studies show it is better if the woman's partner is part of the decision and supportive (Shostak et al.

). Marriages are often made stronger by such a joint decision, regardless of whether the decision is to have an abortion or to continue the pregnancy.

An analysis of 63 medical studies that identify risk factors concluded that the number of women suffering from negative emotional reactions could be dramatically reduced if abortion clinics screened women for these risk factors.(19).

Abortion affects women in a negative
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